Congo Rights Activist Says Army Kills 7 Attackers in Beni

A human rights activist in eastern Congo says at least seven assailants have been killed as the army fought off attacks on a prison, police station and the town hall in and around the city of Beni.

Omar Kavota said Thursday the attackers also bombed a school and wounded some students who were taking exams.


Kavota says the death toll could rise as Congo’s military pursues other attackers.


Beni Mayor Nyonyi Bwanakawa blames the attack on Mai Mai rebels.


Kavota also says he has warned officials that a new rebel coalition may have formed for these latest attacks. Armed men also attacked a Beni prison earlier this month, killing at least 11 and freeing 900 prisoners.


Scores of armed groups fight for control in Congo’s mineral-rich east.


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