Illegal Hunters Kill 2 Liberia Forestry Staff After Arrests

A Liberian forestry authority says a mob of people have killed two forestry staffers who had arrested 20 people for hunting illegally in Liberia’s Sarpo National Park.

Forestry Development Authority managing director Darlington Tuagben said Monday that the two staffers found a new base set up by illegal hunters and arrested 20 of them on Thursday in the protected rainforest park which covers more than 100 hectares (247 acres) in Liberia’s southeast. He said a mob in support of illegal hunting then formed and attacked, killing the two staffers using shot guns, machetes and sticks.


Tuagben said that those monitoring and protecting the park do not even carry pistols.


Hunters mainly target wild monkeys and deer that are protected in the national park.


Police said they are investigating the killings.


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