Suicide Bomber Targets Somali Military Training Camp, Killing Several Soldiers

Somali military officials say a suicide bomber has attacked a military training camp on the outskirts of Mogadishu, the capital, killing several soldiers and wounding others.

Authorities say the bomber, disguised in a military uniform, walked into the training camp Monday and detonated his explosives.

The attack came a day after the new Somali army chief, General Ahmed Mohamed Jimale Irfid, survived a suicide car bomb attack that killed at least 15 people near his convoy in Mogadishu.

The blast occurred minutes after new Defense Minister Abdirashid Abdullahi Mohamed and former Army Chief General Mohamed Aden passed through the same road, security sources have confirmed to VOA.

The new Somali army chief had just attended a ceremony at the Defense Ministry where he took over command from General Aden.

Most of the victims of the blast were said to be civilians who were passengers in two minibuses.

The al-Shabaab militant group claimed responsibility for the attack.

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