Brazil Court Postpones Decision on President’s Future

Brazil’s top electoral court has postponed the judgment phase of a trial over illegal campaign finance that could lead to President Michel Temer’s removal from office.

The court voted Tuesday to allow more testimony. That could give Temer time to replace two judges whose terms on the seven-member court are expiring.

The court has been investigating allegations of illegal campaign finance during the 2014 elections when Temer ran as vice president with Dilma Rousseff, who won the presidency.

Rousseff was impeached last year and removed from office for mismanaging the federal budget. Temer replaced her as president.

The Rousseff-Temer electoral ticket would be annulled if the court finds their campaign guilty of illegalities. Temer would then be forced from office, although he could appeal.

Rousseff and Temer have denied wrongdoing.

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