Modi, Netanyahu End Historic Meetings With Beach Stroll

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s historic visit to Israel ended in unusually cozy circumstances — a stroll on the beach with Israeli counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu.

Even before their barefoot walk along the Mediterranean shore, Netanyahu praised Israel’s ties with the world’s most populous democracy as a “marriage made in heaven.”

The two leaders traveled to the beach in the northern city of Hadera Thursday to see a demonstration of a mobile water desalination unit. They toasted before drinking the water out of wine glasses.

Modi then rolled up his pants to wade ankle-deep in the waves, joined by Netanyahu, who did not roll up his pants which were consequently soaked.

Twitter users have been sharing the photos of the two on the beach, commenting on everything from Netanyahu’s hidden ankles to a “budding bromance” between the two politicians.

Netanyahu and Modi also took to Twitter to commemorate the stroll.

Israeli agriculture and water technologies were a major draw for Indian investment and the subject of a number of deals signed during Modi’s visit.

The two leaders also announced cooperation on satellite technology and the creation of a $40 million innovation fund during the three-day visit.

Modi is the first Indian government leader to visit Israel, although the two countries have had friendly diplomatic relations for 25 years.


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