US Sanctions Firms Working With North Korea, Iran

The United States announced sanctions Friday on 30 foreign individuals or companies that aided Iran or North Korea in the countries’ ballistic missile programs.

In a statement released Friday, the State Department said it had sanctioned 11 companies or individuals from China, North Korea or the United Arab Emirates for transferring technology to Tehran that could further the country’s ballistic missile program.

The 19 other firms or individuals are believed to have either transferred to or received from Iran, North Korea or Syria illicit goods banned under previous U.S. sanctions.

“These determinations underscore that the United States continues to regularly impose sanctions under existing authorities, as warranted, against entities and individuals that engage in proliferation activity with Iran, North Korea and Syria,” the statement read.

Under the new sanctions, these 30 individuals or companies will be barred from performing contract work for the U.S. government and forbidden from using federal assistance programs for two years.

If the companies or individuals have licenses to transfer export-controlled items, those will be suspended and any new license applications denied, the statement said.

Those companies mentioned in the sanctions include China’s Shenzhen Yataida High-Tech Company, Sinotech Carbon and Graphite Corporation, and Beijing Zhong Ke Electric Co., as well as North Korea’s Saeng Pil Trading Corporation, and Mabrooka Trading in the United Arab Emirates.

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