Nepal Observing Day of Mourning After Deadly Plane Crash

Nepal is observing a day of mourning Monday, the day after a Yeti Airlines flight crashed carrying 72 passengers and crew from Katmandu to the tourist town of Pokhara.  

The black box and the cockpit voice recorder of the twin-engine ATR 72 aircraft have been recovered, Kathmandu Airport officials said.  

Authorities said the cause of the deadliest Himalayan crash in three decades was not immediately clear.  

The Associated Press reported Monday that rescue workers have rappelled down a 300-meter gorge in their search for bodies. Officials say at least 68 bodies have been recovered.  

One local resident told AP, “The flames were so hot that we couldn’t go near the wreckage. I heard a man crying for help, but because of the flames and smoke we couldn’t help him.” 

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